Repairing Systems R-1/ R1-1/ R-2

Bonddex® Repair & Reinforcement Systems have cover range of functions from fast setting repairing jobs to different structures, large area of finishing coat resurfacings, and membranes reinforcement jobs. All of the R series are single component and do not require any acrylic or epoxy types of primer. 

‧ Open For Car Traffic In 1 hour 

‧ Ready To Use

‧ Low Shrinkage

‧ Super High Early Strength

‧ Perfect Tensile & Compressive Strength

‧ Perfect Bonding Ability

‧ Flowing Value (R-1 & R-1-1)

‧ Airport Runways.

‧ Bridges Expansion Joints. 

‧ Mounting for Electric Line Poles. 

‧ Leveling Job For Manhole Cover.

‧ Touching Up Before Doing Epoxy Layer. 

‧ Scratch Coat. 

‧ Industrial floor repairing & resurfacing.

1. Clean, dust and oil free substrate.

2. Substrate needs to be Saturated-surface-dry (SSD) standard.

3. Mixing equipment requires minimum 1200V and   500rpm/min.

4. Original substrates may require to be scarified & shotblasted before installing.

5. Install Steel Reinforcements follow on the original designed specifications.

6. Follow the thickness requirements to each product's’ requirements.

7. For special circumstances, extra grading of aggregate can be mix together.