Hope-good Putty

Hope-good Putty is a water borne  slurry with high elastisity, which can be applied to various kind of concrete based substrate. It can prevent the substrate from cracking and leakage. Especially suitable for ALC surface. 

‧ Very-low Cracking: Because of the feature of good elasticity, that can prevent substrate from shrinkage.

‧ Good Performance of Waterproofing: Hope-good Putty is 100% waterproofing, which can prevent walls from causing wall mold.

‧ Very-low Shrinkage: Prevent the surface from sagging.

‧ Good Workability: Ready to use without mixing.

‧ Good Bonding Ability: Applied to various material of surface, such as wood, ALC, cement-based, iron, plasterboard board or Calcium silicate board. The surface with Hope-good Putty is compatible with different coating.

‧ Mixing: Hope-good Putty is ready to use product. However, appropriate amount of water can be mixed into Hope-good Putty to adjust the consistency. 

‧ Application: Use steel trowel to spread Hope-good Putty on surface. 

‧ Usage Amount: 0.5l to 1l/ ㎡. 

‧  Average Thickness: 0.6mm to 1.2mm. 

‧ If the substrate is porosity material such as ALC or mortar, primer is suggested to seal the surface.

‧ Packaging: 18L/ bucket.

‧ Shelf Life: 1 year in original bucket in cooling area. It is easy to do coating after the color of Hope-good Putty turn into grey after getting membrane.