Armorcote Feather Skim Repairing Mortar
28 day Compressive Strength > 6000psi

Bonddex Armorcote is polymer modified cementitious based for industrial flooring use product. This is an ideal product for feather skim coat resurfacing & repairing purpose on concrete. Bonddex Armorcote is designed especially for emergency concrete repairing jobs at surfaces where requires heavy vehicle traffics with high impact, and intense abrasive usages.

·  High impact, abrasive resistant Abilities, Pre-Formulated for anti corrosion, super low on shrinkage with great bonding ability. UV stability to be used outdoor and indoor. 

 ·   Bonddex Armorcote is manufactured based on local climates or special working conditions (e.g., cold room; extremely high temperatures).

 ·   Ready to use product. Single component with Water Mixing only and to be used directly for the depth is in between 1-10mm for ground and vertical resurfacing.  

 ·  Cracks Resistant and Non-Bleeding abilities than the traditional fast setting & early strength mortars in the market.

Product Perfomance

armorcote_工作區域 1.png



Surface Preparation

· All Substrates must be structurally sound and stable. 

· Ensure no dirt, tar, asphalt, wax, oil, sealers, loose toppings, adhesive residue, glaze on the all substrates.

· In some conditions, existing cracks and deeper dents must be repaired by Armorcote or Bonddex R-1, the High Early Strength Mortar before Armorcote Resurfacing.

· NO Bonding Agent Needed. Recommended to use Scarifying; shotblasting or hand-held bush hammer if surface has absolutely no profiles to be bonded, clean all the surfaces well by industrial brush, high pressured water jet, and wet vacuum.

· Before Armorcote installing work starts, make sure the original substrate is fully moistening and no visible water on the surfaces. (Saturated-Surface-Dry)


· Use Bonddex Armorcote directly with mixing 3.5 kg of water (14%).

· Each bag of Bonddex Armorcote requires a mixer with minimum capacity of 1200V and 500rpm/min and mix for 2-3 minutes.


During the installing procedures, a careful re-inspection or reexamination to assure the substrate is saturated-surface-dry, start working on the areas where repairing and resurfacing needs to be done by hand trowel only, and working time is less than 10 minute.  


Bonddex Armorcote will be fully cured after 2 hours, and also open for heavy traffics in 3 hours. Wet Curing may not be mandatory. 

· Do not store the product outdoor especially direct under the sunshine. 

· Do not smoke cigarette while working with Bonddex Armorcote.

· Use water ratio carefully & remain consistent. Bonddex Armorcote may cracks and lack of abrasive resistant performance when overdo the water adding processing. 

· Restrict to add extra cements, sands and any other chemical additives.